Wild Canada Nature Camps runs every Tuesday and Thursday of July and August in the morning from 10:00-noon. This summer camp experience is like no other! Each day holds a different theme discovering local animals and plants. Activities may include nature walks, handicrafts, caring for nature and games in Willow Park Ecology Centre. We’ll include our celebration of 20 years of nature conservation and engaging programming through our “Butterflies Matter” campaign. Bring your children to experience the boundless benefits that only nature and the outdoors can provide! Take a break or join us as your child(ren) enjoy our weekly programs. For children ages 4 – 12 years old.

We require registration by the preceding Friday. Book as many sessions as you can ahead of time to ensure your spot. Register online for a one or more weeks, or the whole summer!

Full schedule below:

  • July 3: Learning to grow and care for vegetables – start your own garden!
  • July 5: Pond critters of Willow Park, who are they?
  • July 10: Important garden friends. 
  • July 12: Red fish, blue fish, who lives in the credit? 
  • July 17: Having fun practicing the 3R’S.
  • July 19: In the woods.
    • We will discover our diverse forest and woodland habitat, understand what a habitat is and discover the various types of forests that exist! Children will learn all about forests and all the wonderful wildlife that lives within it!
  • July 24: The Credit River, how did it get its name? 
    • We will learn the history of how the beautiful Credit River came to be. We’ll explore our park’s sparkling Silver Creek! Both are accessible from Willow Park. Children will discover the wonders of our rivers, how they are formed and their habitat function. We’ll try out the floating boats the children create.  
  • July 26: Nature’s music!
    • We will have fun by listening for, mimicking and learning about the different types of “music” nature can create! From animal calls to the sounds of rain trickling, children will be exposed to a variety of naturally occurring sounds! The children will make their own “rainmaker” instruments.
  • July 31: From caterpillars to flying beauties & caring for our Monarch’s.
    • We will learn about the life cycle of caterpillars and their habitat needs. We will learn all about the Monarch butterfly and how important these amazing pollinators are for us and the entire ecosystem!
  • August 2: Our slithering friends.
    • All sorts of slithering animals including snakes, worms, snails will be talked about. We will bring the children to explore our snake hibernaculum and talk about their life cycles. There will also be snake related crafts!
  • August 7: Getting to know our birds.
    • Learn about the wonders of birding! Identify bird calls, recognize different species of birds and explore the wonders of these beautiful wildlife! We will learn about the different habits of birds and how they raise their young in nestboxes, trees and various habitats.
  • August 9: Who made this track?
    • What are the importance of bees? Why do we need them so much? This week we will discover the wonderful bees that live in Ontario and what we can do to protect them as well as what they do for us!
  • August 14: Dragonflies protect us!
    • Learn all about dragonflies! These amazing insects are seen all around Ontario and is especially active around Willow Park. We will discover the history of these insects and their life cycle.
  • August 16: Buzz buzz in nature. 
    • How to look for signs of animals, who made which tracks… Learn all about the art of tracking animals! Get familiarized with animal tracks and which animal creates which type.
  • CANCELLED August 21: Foragers of the meadow.
  • August 23: Garden harvest party, mmm. 
    • For the last day of summer camp, we invite all participants to come harvest together at our vegetable garden! We have lettuce, peppers, peas, broccoli, carrots and tomatoes that are all available for harvest. Children can take home their own fresh produce and make home made salad with us!

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