Come Out for October Nature Sundays in Willow Park, Norval.

Bird-watching and pumpkin-carving October Sundays!! What more delightful ways to be outdoors on crisp fall-coloured days? Willow Park Ecology Centre, Georgetown’s award-winning outdoor centre, is offering two special events on October 1st and October 29th from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. Recommended for families, adults, youths. Just $7 per person, $25 per family. Register at

IMG_20150429_122729OCTOBER 1: Local Birds Workshop. Join Adam Wilford, a regular birder from Credit Valley Conservation, for a Tree Trail walk along beautiful Silver Creek to learn to recognize local birds by listening for their songs and seeing them as they spend time foraging in the restored nature park.

It’s a chance to get to know some new Ontario birds during the fall Great Migration. You will learn how to attract backyard birds! Build bird feeders with Pat Kelly of Halton-Peel Woodlands & Wildlife Stewardship, and learn about plants for birds with ecologist Tunde Otto of Willow Park Ecology Centre.

Picture1OCTOBER 29: Nature with Pumpkins

With Halloween on the way, Willow Park Ecology Centre combines some fall nature interpretation with the fun of pumpkin carving. Join Nature Interpretor and Outdoor Educator Manuel Spiller, who works for Credit Valley Conservation. He will lead families and kids on a walk to help discover fascinating things about nature’s changes in the fall. There’ll be leaf-rubbing with Program Director, Tunde Otto who will teach you to identify trees – and fun pumpkin carving with the help of youth volunteers.


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